Alexander Popov

Python/Javascript/C# Developer |


TL;DR: Resposible person, go-getter and smart guy who loves Python and .NET.

Now I am working as full-stack developer on Python/Flask/MongoDB/Redis/Backbone/Bootstrap/OVER9000 and other fashionable and modern-sounds technologies. Also I love Nodejs Loopback, Express, Mongo and Postgresql. But still prefer Loopback and MongoDB.

Time ago I worked as .NET developer with focus on MVC (later on ASP.Core tech stack) and onsite team management.

I have Master's degrees in Radiotechnics and Bachelor degree in CS.

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
Saint-Petersburg State University
3 Years Course


Multithreading development C/C++
8 months Course

JULY 2005

Radio Engineering
Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University
5 years

JUNE 2005

Full-stack Developer

Working as developer for different kind of project, mostly web-oriented. I love Python, Flask, Django and any kind of databases (from MySQL or PostgreSQL to MongoDB or Raven). Also I working as ASP.NET engineer on top of ASP.Core stack.

Toptal, C#, ASP.NET, Python, Flask, Django, Bootstrap, Javascript, React


Full-stack Developer

Created a UI for user management. Created an engine for static content handling. Maintained an application back-end. Introduced asset bundling and versioning. Implemented a preview of Windows 8 Tiles for different modes (cycle, slide, flip, etc.) via jQuery and jQueryUI.

Push Notifications, Python, Flask, MongoDB, MongoEngine, PyMongo, Flask extensions


Technical Leader
Return on Intelligence

Created and maintained the UI for management of client bonus and benefit groups. Refactored database structure. Introduced Entity Framework to the application. Fixed bottlenecks in request. Added client-side validation via jQuery Validation. Maintained unit tests. Optimized SQL scripts.

C#, ASP.NET, Durandal, MS SQL, Oracle

JUNE 2009 - AUGUST 2012



Flask framework

Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB)





RadiumOne Connect

Connect™ is a complete business intelligence solution for understanding the full user experience of your mobile app–from installation, to activity, to conversion–with the flexibility to capture its unique business rules and user behaviors. And unlike other mobile app analytics and management tools available today, all data you collect can be activated immediately and used in cross-channel digital marketing campaigns—e-mail, web and mobile app advertising—to reach new and existing users.

python flask mongodb bootstrap jquery knockoutjs

Anki plugin

When your flashcards collection is tagged, you can ask "which tags are my weakest?". This plugin calculates lapses for each tag and leeches cards and shows top tags to the user.

python desktop Puqt

Create Flask-based application to research what services users prefer in ase of limited money amount. Each your decided to parcticipate in granted with predefined amount of money and asked to pick most valuable services from list. It allows customer to understand users needs and greatly improve user expirience.

python flask bootstrap knockout


Prepared API specifications and protocols. Prepared the environment and automatic deployment script. Prepared tests for future API endpoints and methods (integration and unit tests). Create an API server according to specs and tests. Adjusted the API to meet iOS app requirements. Worked closely with the front-end team to fix issues.

python flask sqlalchemy API